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*Mature Ebony Big Butt model (35-55) for a Balloon Popping Video $


Hiring an ebony or latina female model, around the ages of 35-55, for a simple and fun, non nude, gig which I will pay $200 for about an hour.
The gig is as follows: you will walk into a studio room full of about 100 party balloons and over the course of one hour you will bust all the balloons, mostly by sitting on them with your booty.
Thats it, nothing else. Just sit on the balloons until they burst.
An inflatable chair will be provided to make it easy for you.
Ideally, Im looking for an “older” ebony or latina model with a very large bottom, and you should be comfortable in booty shorts
I produce about 3-4 of these videos per year. If interested, please email me your contact information, and interest, to the following email address:simonpropertiesequity@xxxxx.xxx
compensation: 200