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Today in Craigslist: (posted in Writing Gigs)

*Slap me if I get off task. . . (Hollyood)




I’m looking for someone who can work next to me at a Starbucks in Hollywood and who will make sure to watch what is happening on my screen. When I am wasting time, you’ll have to yell at me or if need be, slap me.

You can do your own work at the same time. Looking for help asap, in Hollywood, near Hollywood and Western.

Compensation: $8 / hour, and you can do your own work from your computer at the same time.

NOTE: I was inspired by this real-life example. http://hackthesystem.com/blog/why-i-hired-a-girl-on-craigslist-to-slap-me-in-the-face-and-why-it-quadrupled-my-productivity/

compensation: $8/h