that’s enough for now

During a therapeutic exercise I detailed the (t)raumas and (T)raumas of my life in Chronological order After 90 minutes I only got to 1980

a ruined temple

It doesn’t matter Lately Where in my Bed I fall asleep I wake up on Your side Actively Seeking you In my Unconscious Like I Resist In my Waking It’s not even mine Anymore Once a possessively held Haven It’s now your bed I borrow it Furtively and Apologetically And move away From it Stealing […]

a glass silhouette

I’ve been Thinking of You And the Thinking of You Makes me Fragile I’m afraid to Move too Quickly Turn too Suddenly For Fear of Dashing myself Against Anything I’m a glass Silhouette of Myself And I’m afraid Everyone can See right Into Me For just the Things I still Feel for You

insult to injury

Even if it’s been delivered a Mortal blow Sometimes a relationship Has to Bleed To Death

very early, new year’s day

It was very early when you Returned your set of Keys To my Mailbox You had to walk past my parked Car to reach it Did you pause? Did you reach to unlock my gate? Knowing I was Inside Curled up Sleeping You know how I Looked Hands cradling Each other and my cheek Face […]


Between your Black and your White Between your right and Wrong your Yes and your No Lies Grey Compassion Maybe People In the Grey Lies “I hear you. “I hear your worries and fears. “I see your scars and your tears. “I see you.” In the Grey is Love, is “I believe you.” Is Acceptance, […]

i cannot throw a frisbee

There are two things in the world I cannot do. I am highly accomplished. I am tenacious and confident. I have walked on five continents. I cannot throw a Frisbee. I can dance. I can sing a little. I can pick out a song on the piano. I can bowl. I can play volleyball, basketball, […]

choosing loneliness

My childhood was Pocked By Loneliness At five I quickly learned I was Alone Soon thereafter I learned Loneliness Not long after that I learned Sacrifice I learned that to Belong Required Sacrifice Sometimes of my body Almost always of my peace and My honesty I am among the Survivalist Chameleons I can blend, meld, […]

walking into the glass wall of us

I’m a liar Because I won’t tell you how I really feel I’m a coward Because I won’t look you in the eyes I’m a bitch Because I withhold myself Even though you asked nicely And I’m mean Because I bait you and then escape And I’m cruel Because I want to punish you For […]