Father’s Day

I used to feel sorry for myself on Father’s Day but these last two years something has changed for me.

Fear vs. Compulsion

People consider me brave! They tell me I inspire them. They tell me they’re proud of what I’ve accomplished. They admire my willingness to endlessly challenge myself! They admire my fearlessness!


My mother used to have this word that she used to identify those perfect strangers in the world that pop up when you most need them. She called them “Runners.”

No Pay, Trade for Print, (TFP)

If your an older women and think you got it going on please respond

Has To Do With The Religion I Belong To

compensation: Enough to for sure enough.

The Face Don’t Have To Be Exposed

Today In Craigslist: (listed in tv/film/video/radio jobs)    ::: ❤ ❤ Gurl for Artistic Photo shoot ($1000) This is for a nude photo shoot, and the face don’t have to be exposed  

I’m Listening.

When I am wasting time, you’ll have to yell at me or if need be, slap me.

The Occult needs you – witches, goths, welcome

The Occult needs you – witches, goths, welcome

I’m Sensing A Theme

The gig is as follows: you will walk into a studio room full of about 100 party balloons…