I don’t know

And I’m 5 again And the sunlight is too bright And the room is unknown And my father is gone And my brothers are gone But my mother is here But my mother is a stranger But one brother is here But that brother is a stranger But I have my doll But she sleeps […]

the rogue wave

He struck like a rogue wave On a calm sea Scooping me up Twisting me And turning me Such that I didn’t know which way was up The swirl of our laughter Crowded out any bubbles useful to Follow to the surface I was strewn on the shore Drenched, sputtering and coughing Left to pick […]

the trees for the forest

My dreams are filled With the images Of the naïve I still have the Stubborn imaginings Of a little girl Hope tantalizes The mouth of the idealistic I salivate for the Caressing breezes I’ve never tasted These things aren’t for me And I can’t speak to whom they are for But we stamp our little […]

paper tiger

I’m not trying to Alienate you His voice Singes with Animosity Absent its usual playfulness The rise of his eyebrows Challenges Instead of inquires His liquid brown eyes still lull Even now Swaying me back and forth Like the Gentle Summer swell But the set of his perfect mouth is Hard as marble Miles away […]