If You Have A Booty Please Apply

we have 3 events to try out for. Plus you will be hired as a waitress if you participate.

Secretary Wanted Picture Appreciated

Must be well spoken, non-smoker, and over 18.

Name Credit & Guaranteed Future Work

Experienced writer seeks fresh talent and ideas for latest concept speculative.


“Are you good at things? If you are good at things consider the following offer.”

Pay But Probably No Pay

I need a script. Badly. I need a good script though. Not a bad one. A good one.


Please send email with your height and headshot.

Girls Do Sports Too

Mills College isn’t a “girls’ school” and women don’t play sports just because there aren’t any baking classes.

Slow Crime Night In Venice Tonight

The other cop got out of the cruiser and stood on the curb of “the passenger side” of my bike.

We Are All Sarah Jones

I think it shows, kinda, the rest of the world the intimacy that is formed on a set.