about me


Sarah believes there is a hero and villain gestating inside every character and that sometimes the darkest times mine the richest comedy. Born in Chicago, raised by TV, comic books, and the beaches of Santa Cruz, California, Sarah has worked in Hollywood since she PA’d on Francis Ford Coppola’s The Rainmaker. Sarah’s worked extensively around the business, along side of the finest talent on shows like “ALIAS” and “True Blood,” and movies from, Erin Brockovich to Dude, Where’s My Car? Believing great drama can come from small places, she’s written and directed four short films, including festival favorite Streamline Your Care™ which posits that, if given the chance, Congress would run women’s healthcare like a NASCAR pit crew. Sarah is a world traveler and has walked on five continents from Australia to Africa. She has a fascination for how words entwine to create language and expression. Sarah completed her MFA in Screenwriting and TV from Stephens College and is eager to craft her experiences into many more sharp, narrative projects.

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